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*Sales do not apply* We try to respond to custom quotes as quickly as possible. Due to demand, it can take up to 1 week to receive your quote. After final design approval, production time is 2-4 weeks. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
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Free Custom Gun Grip Quote

Limited batches: Custom grips are very time-consuming to make and are finished by hand, so we only accept a small batch of orders at a time.

If they are currently "out of stock," or there is no "Add To Cartbutton, just check back later. Once we complete a batch, they will become available again.

To get a custom quote, fill out the form below and proceed to checkout.

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The process:
1- Submit quote with as much information as possible
2- We review and reply within 5 business days via email
3- You approve the quote and we email an invoice
4- After invoice is paid, we program the design in the grips and email you a preview
5- Once approved, your grips move to the production queue
6- Your custom grips ship within 2-4 weeks from approval

*Sales & Discounts do not apply to Custom Order*

*Shipping is currently marked "free" to allow for checkout. Shipping will be added to your quote.* 

Here is some general information to help explain the process a little more:

*we cannot use logos with lots of small detail. Simple silhouettes work the best and look the best when applied to the grip. We usually try searching for a silhouette of an image for engravings.
 A good source for past grips that we have made is our Instagram page.
1- Engravings - The easiest and cheapest. Ranges from $125-$300
How it works: We simply engrave (machine) the logo into the grip. It can either be DOWN into the grip (engraved) or stand ABOVE the grip surface (embossed).
- The logo is the same color as the grip
- Works best on checkered, roughnecks, or smooth grips. 
- Solid color grips are recommended. Dual color material tends to hide the logo
2- Inlay - Most Color Options. Ranges from $200-$400+ 
How it works: We engrave the logo pocket into the grip. Next, we machine the logo out of another piece of G10 (same material grips are made of). Then, we insert the G10 logo into the machined pockets and they are held in place with a super strong epoxy.
* Can only be done on a THIN grip with a FLAT surface *
- Logo stands slightly above the grip surface and is smooth
- Logos can be a variety of available colors
- Works on most textures, but we recommend Checkered or Roughnecks
Solid color grips are recommended
3- Color-Fill - A few color options. Ranges from $225-$400+
How it works: Similar to Inlays, we machine the pocket for the logo. Next, we fill the pocket with a colored epoxy. The Epoxy is left to dry (usually for 24hrs). We then machine the grip. The grip typically needs to be machined again for each additional color. Multiple colors will drastically increase the price/time.
*Can be done on curved grips where Inlays are not an option *  
- Logo is at same level as grip surface and textured with the grip
- Works on Smooth, Checkered, or Roughnecks grips. Does NOT work well with bogies.
- There are fewer color options than with an inlay
Solid color grips are recommended  
4- Liner - Adds a stripe of color. An additional $17 on most grips
How it works: We make a custom material with the bottom layer(backstrap) of G10 being the color you chose. The grip is then machined to it's normal thickness.
*Does not work on all grips due to material limitations*  
- Permanent part of the grip
- Cannot be added after the grip is machined
- Does not add thickness
- Cannot be a color that is already in the grip  
LOK Grips Liners
5- Medallion- Grip cost plus an additional $25-$150+
How it works: Purchase medallions from another source and mail them to us. We will install them in the grips.
*Does not work on all grips due to material limitations*  
- Simple circular medallions work best
- Most medallions under 20mm in diameter work
- Complex shapes will cost more or may not work at all
- Cannot give accurate price for irregularly-shaped medallions until we have them in hand
- Email us a link to the medallions before you purchase/send them
LOK Grips Medallions