CZ 97 Thin Bogies Black

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CZ 97 Thin Bogies Black

Includes T20 Torx Grip Screws (As of September 19, 2019)
 - Requires a T20 Torx Wrench (order here)

We made these grips for people who like the thin aluminum grips, but want something with more bite.  

With our grips, the CZ-97 measures 1.170'' total thickness across the grips.  


Our grips are made from Phenolic G10.  G10 is only 1/2 the weight of aluminum but nearly as strong with a grippier texture.  G10 won’t crack or shatter, like the cheaper polymer and acrylic grips are known to do.  The color is dyed into the material, so scratches aren’t an issue. G10 grips will last a life time under normal use.