1911 Palm Swell Veloce

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1911 Palm Swell Veloce

 Our 1911 Palm Swells are slightly thicker than standard grips at the thickest point, but have an ergonomic curve that comfortably fits the palm of your hand. 

Our Veloce texture is a mix of textures running multiple directions to prevent slippage and keep you on target. 

O-rings: Place the O-ring on the screws before installing the screw. The O-ring should be between the grip and the screw.
T20 Torx Screws: These grips are made to work with the included T20 Torx screws. 
Thin Bushings
REQUIRED: You must use the included screws & bushings with these grips

Size Compact or Full Size Grips? Full Size or Compact 1911 Grips?

Thickness Choosing Grip Thickness Choosing Grip Thickness

****Bottom Cut**** Choosing the Bottom Cut Choosing the Bottom Cut

Ambi Safety Cut Ambi Safety Option Chosing Ambi Safety Option

Thumb Relief (By Mag Release) Thumb Relief Options Thumb Relief Options

CNC machined from high quality G10