Must be purchased with a set of grips. Liners are permanent and cannot be changed.
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Grip Colors:
No refunds if liners are added to grips with dual color material


Includes 1 set of Liners (1 liner for each side)

Due to the shape of some grips, liners may not look the way you are expecting. View these samples here.

Wrap around grips: Liners on wrap around grips will appear as a thick solid stripe on the backstrap

*Currently not available for:
-All brass grips
-Buck Mark
-SW22 Victory
-CZ 52
-Beretta 92X Performance Wraparound Grips

Liners are a permanent part of the grip, are not removable, and do not add thickness. When you order a liner, we make a custom material for your grips with the liner you chose.

 *This item is not a grip. Liners are installed prior to machining and must be purchased with a set of grips. For orders with multiple grips, you must specify which grip you want the liner on*

Liners are a great way to personalize your G10 grips!
They add a small strip of color to the back of your grips. They can really make your grips pop! 

We highly recommend only adding liners to solid color grips and choosing a contrasting color ie. Black grips with a liner in blue/orange/purple/cherry red/neon green/etc. 
Liners on grips with dual color material are often difficult to see. We understand that color combinations are a personal preference. For that reason, we cannot offer refunds on orders with liners on dual color grips if you decide you don't like the color combination later.