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LOK Light - Brass USPSA WML

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LOK Light - Brass USPSA WML

**Returns/Exchanges: Light can only be returned in original/new condition.  If altered or scratched, it cannot be returned.  You may return/exchange this light within 60 days of delivery undamaged and in new condition.

Weighted brass LED light for USPSA

Our Brass LOK Light was designed specifically for use in competition.  It adds weight at the muzzle to reduce recoil resulting in flatter shooting.  Use our light instead of a traditional WML for increased weight where a weapon-mounted light(WML) is allowed. For rules, please refer to the most current handbook HERE.

Weight: ~7.00oz +/- 0.10oz 

LED Light: The LED light is not intended to be used as a flashlight and is only included because it is required in USPSA. 
Replacement lights may be purchased HERE.

Holsters: Our light is slightly smaller than the popular Surefire x300 and Streamlight TLR-1. Using a holster not designed for our LOK Light will require modification of the holster, or light for a tight fit.
For compatible holsters, we recommend GX Products and Red Hill Tactical , otherwise you will need a custom holster.

Rail Locating Keys: 3 rail locating keys are included and can be installed in multiple positions to fit a wide range of rails. 
Replacement rail locating keys may be purchased HERE

*This is a new product - new revisions may be coming based on feedback*

-1x Brass LOK Light
-3x Rail Locating Keys
-1x LED light
-1x 9/64 Allen Screw (8/32 x 1" SHCS)
-1x 9/64 Allen Wrench



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