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Beretta 92 Thin Veloce

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Beretta 92 Thin Veloce

For Beretta 92S, select your heel cut option on the product page. Click here to see heel cut options

These grips are thin in all the right places and really change the feel of the Beretta 92 in your hand. 

Our Veloce grips are a mix of textures running multiple directions to prevent slippage and keep you on target so you can GO FAST! 

With our thin grips on the gun, we measure the thickness across the grips at 1.167" at the thinnest point. With the stock grips, we measure the thickness of the gun across the grips at 1.360". So our grips make the gun approximately .193 (just over 3/16") thinner.

Includes O-rings
Does not include screws, use your factory screws
Do not use metal washers

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CNC machined from high quality G10

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