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Beretta 92X | Vertec Veloce Wraparound

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Beretta 92X | Vertec Veloce Wraparound

** Fits Beretta Vertec, 92X & M9A3 **

These wraparound conversion grips emulate the backstrap profile of the classic 92FS for a more ergonomic grip.
Our Veloce grips are a mix of textures running multiple directions to prevent slippage and keep you on target so you can GO FAST! 

-2-Piece grip includes 1 dowel pin(1/8" x 3/16")
-Does not include screws or O-rings. Use your stock screws. Do not use O-rings

4 possible configurations! Build your wraparound grips to fit your unique style. Everyone is a little different. Some have large hands and need thick palm swells. Others have smaller hands and need thinner grips. And some even like to have an asymmetrical grip with a palm swell on one side to fill their palm and a thin grip on the other to help reach the trigger. Whatever your preference, the choice is yours!

  1. Standard (~1.840 oz)
  2. Palm Swell (~2.030 oz)
  3. Right Side Palm Swell (~2.015 oz)
  4. Left Side Palm Swell (~2.015 oz)

Fitting may be required. The Beretta trigger bar varies which may cause it to drag on the grips and render it inoperable. Test for functionality before using in the field or competition. If fitting is required, we always recommend the use of a knowledgeable gunsmith. You may also email us for further fitting instructions, a replacement, or refund.

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