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Beretta 92X | Vertec Veloce Wraparound

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Beretta 92X | Vertec Veloce Wraparound

** Fits Beretta Vertec, 92X & M9A3 **

These wraparound conversion grips emulate the backstrap profile of the classic 92FS for a more ergonomic grip.
Our Veloce grips are a mix of textures running multiple directions to prevent slippage and keep you on target so you can GO FAST! 

-2-Piece grip includes 1 dowel pin(1/8" x 3/16")
-Includes O-rings
-Does not include screws. Use your stock screws
-Colors: Currently only available in solid black

4 possible configurations! Build your wraparound grips to fit your unique style. Everyone is a little different. Some have large hands and need thick palm swells. Others have smaller hands and need thinner grips. And some even like to have an asymmetrical grip with a palm swell on one side to fill their palm and a thin grip on the other to help reach the trigger. Whatever your preference, the choice is yours!

  1. Standard (~1.840 oz)
  2. Palm Swell (~2.030 oz)
  3. Right Side Palm Swell (~2.015 oz)
  4. Left Side Palm Swell (~2.015 oz)

CNC machined from high quality G10

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Calculated at Checkout