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T20 Torx Grip Screws

Does NOT work with our Buck Mark grips
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T20 Torx Grip Screws

**Does NOT work with our Buck Mark grips**

These screws come in a set of 2(with 2 rubber o-rings) and will work with these LOK Grips:
- CZ 75
- CZ Shadow 2
- CZ 97
- Jericho 941 | Baby Eagle
- Tanfoglio

They are the same as the stock screws that come from CZ with the CZ Shadow 2.

Starting March 1, 2020 our CZ 75 grips will include these T20 Torx screws(unless otherwise specified). Grips that take these screws will have a notch cut out of them around the screw hole on the UNDERSIDE of the grip.

Previous to March 1, 2020, most of our CZ 75 grips would have come with Hex Screws. Those may be purchased HERE. Made from high quality black A2 stainless steel.  Requires a 2mm allen key to install. Grips that take these Hex screws will be flat around the screw hole on the UNDERSIDE of the grip.

As of September 19, 2019 these Torx screws are included with our CZ97 grips.  

- Requires a T20 Torx Wrench (order here)
- M3.5 x 0.60mm x 8mm - Flat head
- Black Oxide

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