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CZ 75 Palm Swell Veloce - Target

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CZ 75 Palm Swell Veloce - Target

These Target grips for the CZ 75 extend beyond the bottom of the frame to create a larger continuous grip surface for more stable shooting.
Our Veloce grips are a mix of textures running multiple directions to prevent slippage and keep you on target so you can GO FAST! 

2-piece grip CNC machined from solid G10

Currently only available in black

Only fits CZ 75 full size SP-01 style frames
Does NOT fit the DWX, TSO & TS series frames
*Not compatible with lanyard loop. A flat MS plug is required.

Magazine Base Pads:
-Made to work with OEM CZ Plastic +2 & plastic +0 base pads
-We cannot guarantee compatibility with other base pads
*Please notify us if you confirm fitment with other base pads
Confirmed to work with:
-Taran Tactical (TTI) +4

-Henning +0

LOK Grips Target G10 grips ~ 2.808 oz

-2x T20 Screws
(M3.5 x 0.60mm x 8mm - Flat head) Requires T20 Torx wrench sold HERE 
-2x Rubber O-rings
-1x Socket Head Screw
(8-32 x 1/2") uses a 9/64 Allen Wrench
-1x Dowel Pin(1/8" x 3/8")

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Calculated at Checkout