CZC A01-LD | A01-SD Palm Swell Bogies

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CZC A01-LD | A01-SD Palm Swell Bogies

**Colors pictured are: Black, Blood Red, Blue Black, Orange Black, & Brown Black**

These Palm Swell grips fit the CZ Custom Shop A01-LD and A01-SD. They are thicker than the stock grips with an ergonomic curve to more comfortably fill the palm of your hand. 
Our Bogies texture is our most aggressive and most popular texture. It performs well in the most extreme conditions. 
Total thickness with our grips at the thickest location is approx. 1.515"
Total thickness with stock grips is approx 1.260"

CZ 75 magazines: if you are using CZ 75 magazines, email us with your order number and we can make the grips thicker(on the underside) to work with the CZ 75 magazines.

Does not include screws. These grips are made to work with your stock screws.

CNC machined from high quality G10