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CZ Shadow 2 Thin Bogies - Green Shamrock Engraving

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CZ Shadow 2 Thin Bogies - Green Shamrock Engraving

These Shamrock grips come in Zombie Green Black and feature a Shamrock engraving! We also engrave down to the green layer, leaving a green shamrock!

We made these grips for people who like the thin aluminum grips, but want something with more bite. If you're looking for a set of very aggressive grips for your CZ, these are the grips you want.  They have a golf ball dimple pattern that give the most aggressive texture of all the CZ grips we offer. 

These grips are .025'' thicker than the thin aluminum grips (not much thicker - we had to add a little extra material for the heavy texturing on these grips).


• Includes screws & O-rings 

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