CZ 75 Palm Swell Full Checkered "VERITAS AEQUITAS"

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CZ 75 Palm Swell Full Checkered "VERITAS AEQUITAS"

CZ 75 Palm Swell Full Checkered "VERITAS AEQUITAS"

We've added the Boondock Saints' "Veritas Aequitas" crosses to make these grips stand out!

The checkering on these grips provides a surprising amount of grip and actually feels similar to a sand paper grip

Anyone that has held a CZ75 knows they fit your hand like a glove. But as good as those stock grips feel, they just don't have the traction you need in extreme conditions. Until now all G10 grips sold for CZ75 have been pretty thin and flat. Our grips have palm swells just like the factory grips. You get to keep that great original feel but you get a much texture.

These grips are the same thickness as stock grips. 

• Includes Hex Screws & O-rings


Our grips are made from Phenolic G10.  G10 is only 1/2 the weight of aluminum but nearly as strong with a grippier texture.  G10 won’t crack or shatter, like the cheaper polymer and acrylic grips are known to do.  The color is dyed into the material, so scratches aren’t an issue. G10 grips will last a life time under normal use.