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Gun Stand Raw Aluminum

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Gun Stand Raw Aluminum

This LOK Grips Gun Stand is machined in house out of Raw 6061 Billet Aluminum. It is uncoated with a tumbled finish.  We are selling these for people who want to get custom Cerakote or Anodizing done to one of our stands.  

Our Gun Stands are sturdy and bottom heavy. They are great for display and do not tip over easily. The provided rubber feet prevent slippage. The magazine locks in place and the magazine release button unlocks your handgun from the stand. They are also great for holding your gun while cleaning or just a clean place to rest your gun at the range.

This stand includes 1 magazine insert. May also be ordered with no magazine insert.

Each gun requires a specific magazine insert. If you would like to use this stand with multiple guns, additional magazine inserts are required. Order individual magazine inserts HERE

Included in the Box:

  • 1x Gun Stand
  • 4x Rubber Feet
  • 1x Magazine Insert Kit




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