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T20 Torx Grip Screws for DWX with LOK Grips

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T20 Torx Grip Screws for DWX with LOK Grips

For use with DWX frames that use 1911-threaded screws

For use with the Dan Wesson DWX using our CZ grips

IMPORTANT: BEFORE ORDERING OR INSTALLING GRIP SCREWS, make sure your frame uses 1911 threads. 

What screws does my DWX use?
Compact DWX
-ALL Compact DWX frames use 1911-threaded screws
Full Size

-Prior to serial number X2302050 = 1911-threaded screws
-After X2302050 = CZ-threaded screws
*Some frames shortly before or after X2302050 may still use 1911-threads. It is best to identify your OEM screws prior to ordering

Measure your FACTORY screws:
1911 threads will be ~0.148" in diameter
CZ threads will be ~0.134" in diameter

Identify your LOK Grips T20 screws to ensure you ordered properly and received the correct screws.
LOK Grips thread count for T20 screws
-DWX LOK Grips Screw = 10 threads
(our screws, not your stock screws)
-CZ LOK Grips Screws = 8-9 threads (Depending on how you count them)Included with our CZ grips

These screws come in a set of 2(with 2 rubber o-rings)

- Requires a T20 Torx Wrench (order here)
- 1911 thread (.150-50) by .325"
- Black Oxide

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