Jericho 941 | Baby Eagle - Cobra Colorfill & Liner

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Jericho 941 | Baby Eagle - Cobra Colorfill & Liner

**Color Pictured is Black with Cherry Red Colorfill and Liner**

These Specialty grips feature a colorfilled Cobra and liner!

Fits Magnum Research Baby Eagle & IWI Jericho 941

***Models with a lanyard ring, some older models, and even some current frames may require custom fitting. We recommend using a knowledgeable gunsmith. You also have 60 days from delivery to return them undamaged as well.

Will Fit: 
• 9mm & .40 S&W
• .45 ACP

Will NOT Fit: 
• Compact Baby 
• Baby Eagle III

*Grips are made to work with included T20 Torx Screws

Our Checkered texture has a fine checkering similar to a light sand-paper.

9mm/.40 S&W
Our Grips are thinner than the stock grips.
Jericho 941 Thickness with stock grips: 1.365"
Jericho 941 Thickness with LOK Grips: ~1.235"

.45 ACP
Our Grips are similar thickness to the stock grips (1.260")

CNC machined from high quality G10