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Custom Thickness

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Custom Thickness

Adds thickness to each side.

Example: .040" adds .040" to EACH grip. This adds a TOTAL of .080" to the OVERALL grip thickness.

NO REFUNDS or EXCHANGES: We will still replace the grips if there is a fitment issue or defect caused by our error.

**Adding thickness to your grips may cause reach or functionality issues. You may need to sand your grips down so you can reach your mag release, trigger, safety, etc. 
Adding 0-.040" usually does not require any modifications. Anything above .040" may require modifications.

Does not work with:
-Walther Q5/Q4 grips
-SIG Sauer P320 AXG
-SIG Sauer P365 AXG
-Brass Grips
-Aluminum Grips
-Wraparound grips

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Calculated at Checkout