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Tanfoglio Palm Swell GridLOK Aluminum

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Tanfoglio Palm Swell GridLOK Aluminum

**Currently NOT available for Small Frame/LONG length**

IPSC Approved

These grips are CNC machined from solid 6061 Aluminum, anodized several colors, and feature our aggressive GridLOK texture for increased performance and stability.

Our Tanfoglio palm swell grips are made thin at the top and expand outwards in the middle and bottom for a thicker, more ergonomic, grip!

Weight: +/- 0.010 oz
Large Frame | Long Length ~3.143 oz
Large Frame | Medium Length ~2.751 oz
Large Frame | Short Length ~2.387 oz
Small Frame | Medium Length ~2.601 oz
Small Frame | Short Length ~2.212 oz

Due to variations from gun to gun, some fitting may be required for a perfect fit on these grips. We recommend using a knowledgeable gunsmith for any fitting.

Click here for help determining your Tanfoglio frame size and grip length (SEE PHOTO)

Includes T20 Screws & O-rings


Frame Frames & LengthsFrames

Length Frames & LengthsFrames

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