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1911 "LOK Grips" Color-fill

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1911 "LOK Grips" Color-fill

**Pictured is Blue Black with a Gray Color-Fill**

These specialty grips feature a "LOK GRIPS" engraving color-filled with a color of your choice.

Our LOK Ops texture on these grips is a combination of our Bogies and Ridgebacks. Our Bogies texture is our most aggressive and most popular texture. The Ridgebacks is angled upward along the back edge to lock your hand in place and prevent any movement.

Our Bogie grips have a golf ball dimple texture that provides a very aggressive grip.  The dimples give the grip more surface area - giving your hands more surface to grip while the raised material left between the dimples provides that extra "Bite" that only G10 material can provide.


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